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In a month’s time, I will have been providing secretarial and administrative support to businesses here in the Lake District for nine years!

I love living here and I’ve met so many kind & generous people who have such interesting and diverse businesses.

Why did I come here?  Why have so many done so?!  It’s a beautiful place to live.  Even on a wet, cold January day, I have never regretted the impulse that led me to settle here.

The last few years have been somewhat trying – what with Brexit and Covid-19 – but so many of my friends & clients have remained resilient and are battling their way through.

As business starts to grow once again, is it time to consider outsourcing some of your administrative chores?  Did you know that paying someone who is experienced and able to help you with a particular job will actually save you money?  Never forget – your time is your money, so spending it doing your own admin, costs you.  Multiply the number of hours it takes you to sort out your admin – being interrupted by phone calls, emails, text messages, etc – by your hourly charge-out rate.  Adds up, doesn’t it?

Now think about letting someone else do that.  An outside expert will be able to sort your admin in a fraction of the time, leaving you entirely free to get on with growing and strengthening your business. 

Can you afford not to?

For more details as to how I can help your business grow and prosper, contact me now.