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It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog, but I happened to find this very interesting article by Shawn Forno about what to take when attending a conference. It’s USA-centric, but that doesn’t mean the advice isn’t applicable to business people in the UK.

The advice isn’t only relevant for attending multi-day conferences. It’s also useful for attending single-day events such as seminars or workshops.

As with everything, preparation is the key and this gentleman has got it sussed! I’ve worked for a number of national and international businesses and I know that the quality of the pre-conference groundwork is vital for success.

Research into your target businesses is another necessity but from a practical point of view, these hints are excellent – in fact some are invaluable and might just help you make that critical connection you’ve been hoping for!

Click here for the article.

Have a look and tweak it to fit with your own ways of doing things.

Good luck and enjoy your next event!