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What I can offer you

Lakes-PA will give you consistent support for as little or as long a time as your business requires it.

Engaging me to work for you on a regular basis will enable me to learn about you and your business, your preferences and your clients.  I will be able to use and expand this knowledge every time I work for you.  You can determine whether I work on your business premises or remotely – perhaps a bit of both.  Flexibility is the name of the game – I work to suit you; I do not expect you to be the one who has to jump through hoops.

I have a great deal of experience in a variety of disciplines and will be happy to discuss your admin support needs with you.  I am used to hitting the ground running and getting on with things.  I will treat your customers as you would and I pride myself on meeting the highest standards.

I work with all generations of MS Office.  I have used a variety of programs and packages, and being presented with new ones does not faze me.  My typing speed is 75 to 80 wpm with high accuracy.


An important factor for deciding whether to engage any service is cost.  My bespoke business enables us to tailor my service to your budget and requirements.  I either charge an hourly rate or an agreed flat rate per project (segment).  If you require regular support with a guaranteed minimum number of hours per week or month, a flat rate or lower hourly rate is also possible.

Lake District - stamping ground of Lakes-PA